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Our Vision

SportsCash sees itself a long way ahead in the coming five years. The company will be following a rough roadmap. Howerver it is qute clear that they want to put their hand at a complete package. Not only cryptocurrency. They want to the best sport on the website in the world. No other sports website has the ability to hold a coin as well as an online store for the sporting goods.
The buying and selling of online tickets is not a new thing, but with the crypto wallet, it can be a new thing in the market.
The company will increase the nubmber of their mined coins so that many more coins will be in circulation after their pre-mining. The effective security and privacy will be provided to the people who will be using the website for betting.
The common is aiming to reach the global scale rather than sticking to the country only. They will be heading towards the global trade once they get the right exposure and the attraction for the consumers.

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SportsCash - Proof Of Stake

We value our users by providing them an All-in-One solution

Another benefit of utilizing this form of network is that users can send and receive instant, irreversible transactions. Once the MNs reach consensus on a transaction, the inputs of that transaction become locked and become non-transferable else where on the network. The process takes about four seconds and is a decentralized.
The benefits of privacy in cryptocurrencies are that they become fungible and safer to use. This protects the community's balances from prying eyes whilst still maintain the option to send a fully transparent transaction, should one be required.
Real Time Communication
Datas are encrypted, chunked into small different pieces distributed to nodes that relays them across the network, linked up and decrypted at destination.
A protocol created by academic cryptographers that allows users on the network to interact with zero knowledge proofs, thus minimizing the amount of data transmuted with a transaction. This protocol protects both the sender and receiver by only sharing information pertaining to the amount that was sent, known as the value.

Will be listed after ICO live

SportsCash Roadmap

SportsCash Specification

  • • Coin Name: SportsCash
    • Symbol: SCC, mSCC, µSCC
    • Algorithm: Quark

  • • Total Supply: 24,000,000
    • Pre-Mining: 1,000,000 (4.16%)
    • Block time: 60 seconds
    • MN colleteral: 10,000 SCC

  • • PORT: 33001
    • RPC PORT: 33002

SportsCash Wallets

Team Members


Wang Dan (CEO)

Dan is an entrepreneur also a cryptocurrency trader and with over 4 years of experience in programming, 2 years of experience in network administration at SCAND SA, reputed to be the biggest IT company in South West of US. He is also cofounder of many cryptocurrencies projects, and an active developer and contributor in the blockchain projects.


Xiang Tian (CTO)

Tian is an application developer, hardware engineer and a solution architect with requisite experience in reports and system architecture. His expertise includes hardware and software design for embedded systems, high-level applications, application program interfaces (APIs), development tools, and distribution systems. He is also a skilled expert in the areas of log analysis, database modeling, and web user interface.


Vladimir Gorbenko (CXO)

Vladimir is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional Expert, experienced market participant with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry with a proven track record. Extensive skill set includes multi asset portfolio management, fund selection, equity valuation, as market making.


FungSu Jung (Project Manager)

Jung is a this project manager who is TCP/IP Network Expert and a Server Programmer. He have rich experiences with more than seven years of experience in Network Security & Management, Windows & Linux Server Programming, Service Management - Assembly X86/64, and Reverse Engineering.


Yuri Gritsenko (Hardware Marketing Manager)

Gritsenko is a team leader with over 7 year experience in marketing & sales at RT Solution (ENEL Partner), the biggest electricity company in Europe.


Arrow Hu (Blockchain Engineer)

Hu is software engineer at Intel. 6 years of expertise in distributed systems, content protection, hardware video acceleration, network video streaming, graphics driver. Cryptography and blockchain enthusiast.


Alex Wang (Cryptocurrency Advisor & Investor)

Wang is a blockchain activist and an early investor in many of the ground-breaking blockchain projects, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. He is building long lasting relationships with clients to take care of their success while at the same time keeping them up to date with changes in the rules and regulations that may affect them


Anna Lin (Senior UI/UX designer)

Lin is a professional UI-UX designer and business owner at Expertions. As an expert in designing, he has designed a number of mobile & web applications. He has more than 8 year experience and provided his services to more than 500 customers with 100% success rate


Tanveer Ahmad (Software Engineer)

Ahmad is a full stack web&blockchain developer. He has diverse software engineering experience in web technologies including PHP, MEAN Stack with multiple JS frameworks and libraries, Ethereum Solidity and HyperLedger Fabric and Sawtooth Expert


You can directly buy tickets for any sports game at any location with our SCC.
You can also buy sports goods on online shop.
There will be all sporting goods you want. There are no limit for certain sports.
Discord Link
Right now, you can confirm the activity of our team and see the current coin growth process directly in our Discord group.
You can buy SCC right away according to your next decision after contact SportsCash administrator.
SportsCash Gambling Game Link
The net profit value of this game can be withdraw with bitcoin. A net profit value of 1000 or more can be used to withdraw bitcoin.
The maximum bet value is 100 SCC.
Of course, we will publish iOS/Android wallets 2018 as we said on Roadmap in November.


Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, Mehedinti, Romania

37 Plevnei Street


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